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Liara.exe by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Yes everyone it is exactly what, or who you think it is, everyones favorite asari as a netnavi ai program labeled Liara.exe! She will destroy you! And enslave orgaincs MEUAHAHAHA! Maybe.... So yeah! After doing caffeineghost's character six as a netnavi ai program (labeled six.exe) I sort of went on a little netnavization rampage and decided to make netnavi counterparts of other characters from other series because of the fun out of it. This took me hours to make BTW And its all digital to, while I was practicing! It looks like i'v gotten better at using the drawing tablet and gimp.  

Anyhow! Its Liara T'soni as a netnavi. I'm not fully satisfied with how it turned out, but I guess I could draw it again next time and might tweak the design of her boots so that they look better and more minimalistic and simpler, and as for the hands I should have made them bigger and longer so that they resemble large draping sleeves more just to give them a more elegant look, but maybe next time. 

This I my first attempt at making a netnavi version of a mass effect character in this case Liara T'Soni and doing it digitally! I'v tooken a few design cues from slur.exe and also Fi, Its very close to what I had on mind but not 100% I still got to tweak the boots and the arms next time so that it looks nicer and more elegant! I might do more characters soon. Others from mass effect, megaman fan games, mighty no.9, seikan
densetsu/mana, skylanders and my own characters.
A few details: Element magic type. So she's like the asari equivalent to MagicMan.exe then? Maybe?
Weakness: Tech. 
Height: 2 cyber meters (6"3 in the real world ) So essentially she's taller (possibly) than her meat based counter part, yeah thats right i'm going to call any organic I base a netnavi on from now on a meat based counterpart! Because flesh is meat. 
Isn't much else I could say here.

Allright I hope all of you enjoy this pic! And the now netnavized albeit synthetic rendition of Liara T'Soni! Now i'm on to making a netnavi version of grunt (grunt.exe) then garrus(garrus.exe) 

It was good practicing, I guess? This is probably going go in scraps soon. I'll come up with a better design anyway.

(Liara belongs to bioware.)
Six.exe:NetNavi Six by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Six.exe:NetNavi Six
A long late waaaay over present for :iconcaffeineghost: I was also thinking about including Joram, :P but I didn't knew if i had to get consent from the guy with the Joram avatar first or not, so I didn't bothered I just decided to stick with six instead. Would have been cool though, I mean Joram.exe, netnavi version of that OC with a cybersword equipped! :) But back on topic! I took a while, a really long while, I was still trying to think of something that I could draw for ms caffeineghost and I decided her OC, then tried to decide what I was going to do her OC in and thats when I took a really long time, especially with my trouble with drawing turian faces for a while!^^; Then after a while of playing some megaman battle network, plus watching the anime.... I decided to do a netnavi version of Six, cause why not, I did came up with a cool design for her armour on the netnavi version! Clearly based on her clothing, it looks almost like skin tight spandex! ;P (except if you looked behind, it would fully show her ass!... or moon as if her armour was just painted there on her nude body, kinda like the style used for comic book super hero costumes!:P) yeah apparently I had to draw her nude first :P, then add all of the details of the armour as if they were just painted there afterwards. Its a lot easier for me to draw armour that way, plus I come up with better looking ideas and designs that are so much cooler anyway! As for the whole emblem symbol thing. It was mainly for this version of Six anyway. :P Yeah apparently netnavis normally have and emblem logo, or symbol on the armour usually. As for a netnavi. What is that you may ask?  Heres the concept!;P 

From megaman wiki:
A NetNavi is a sentient, or semi-sentient, computer program with artificial intelligence designed to be an assistant for the operator and resides in his or her Personal Terminal, abbreviated as "PET". Specifically, the PET is a multipurpose device that is capable of acting in numerous functions, such as sending and receiving e-mail, acting as an alarm clock and calendar, and acting as a cell phone. Each of these functions is controlled by the NetNavi that resides within the PET under normal circumstances. A PET is, however, also capable of connecting to computerized devices, referred to as "Jacking In" (Plug-In), in which case the NetNavi is transferred to that device and may roam around it, affecting programs contained in that device as required, and moving through that device to any other devices connected to it, such as moving from a specific computer to the larger Internet. In addition, NetNavis may function as anti-virus software, directly combating the offending programs in an activity called "virus busting". Two Navis can also battle one another in "NetBattles," and are designated by the extension ".EXE". End here.

Alternatively they can also be abused for use as an AI super virus also! :P But its a cool concept! have the equivalent to a person that you can keep in your pocket and talk to! Its almost reminding me of 
tron in a way.... and its almost making me think about that one cosmological theory about the universe called the simulation theory as well, which hypothesizes that we could merely be AI bots in side a computer simulation, kinda like the grid from tron, or the sims if you think about. Who knows that might even apply to the omniverse to! maybe some more technologically advanced beings are just trying to do some reserche about it and decide to make a multiverse computer simulation (probably with quantum computers) and we might be in it!:D which also means we would technically have the equivalent to a deity, but then, they might be no better than the futures video game developers or computer scientist! But I don't think I wanna elaborate to much in to that theory about existence from the scientific community though (there are many other interesting ones as well), I'll just take it with a grain of salt but its still an interesting concept non the less, which got me thinking about the whole netnavi idea even more, though creating such an AI might require enormous computing power, which means better buy all of those highly expensive nvidia tesla gpus >.< or at least until we have post silicon era computers (graphene, stanene, protein, dna, optical, carbon nanotube, or consumable quantum computers) so that a future cell phone is just about as powerful a P.E.T or more, Powerful enough to keep a fully sentient, or at least semi sentient AI in it and hopefully do net battles with it! Man I nerded out about it a bit! ^^;

But yeah! If netnavis were real I'd imagine this would probably be your customized netnavi, it seems to suite you very well since you like turians. I also drew a small window of her without her helmet to!:) she's beyond proper bald, she has a mechanical looking head in this version, which I thought was cool looking. As for mines, I would probably base mines on one of my other OCs like Sirrus or Quarin link or even Zalto! I don't know about anybody else. :| Maybe they might base theres on there OCs. Which is very likely in my opinion.  I wonder if netnavis were invented, wouldn't you base your customized ones on your OC's? and if so? Then which one, and why? :?  And would you net battle with them? (I would try to net battle yours with mines, hopefully yours doesn't get deleted by mines! so you better make sure yours is programed well! :plotting:

Well I hope you like the design anyway, it was just something I thought long and hard about and felt like doing mainly for the sake, that you might be only interested in the design and hopefully it looks cool to you! :) Besides its your character as a netnavi flying through the net for whatever reason! :) (I personally don't think I did a very good job of making her look like she's flying though, she looks like she's running rather than flying, I think I should have had her tilt forwards a bit more and make sure her foot didn't looked like it was touching the ground) Unfortunately I didn't think about what super powers she would have as a netnavi though ^^; they normally have special powers to! Well I guess it might involve explosions, since your character likes that stuff anyhow! Well I better start getting the other gift arts set! And I might even decide to draw a netnavi version of Garrus Vakarrian to! :) (Garrus.exe) 

I hope you find the design favorable! That was the main intent anyway, even though I got a little carried away on the description.^^; But who would have thought, your character (or OC) as an awesome cyber warrior AI! :)
A place for any of your demon/turian hybrid OC's if any of you happen to make one
Unnamed turian OC by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Unnamed turian OC
Whelp folks! I finally did my own turian OC I still got more stuck in my head that I want to do later on once I get to it. ;) I don’t have a decent name for this guy yet, I couldn’t think of one! ;P If any of you have ideas feel free to give some ideal names for him, i’ll like to make a voting pole on which one you guys think is the best while i’m at it! 

This one I did as a character with a very interesting look to him (yes it’s a cis privileged heteronormative male shitlord! huehuehue! XD) I bet some of you might have been scratching your heads a bit, probably about the gender because of how pretty and pink he is! XD I wanted him to look very fancy like most male birds (considering turians are also avian) I really could make some improvements on the lines a bit though! :P Here you all see a young turian boy roughly around 13-14 in age height 4”11 in. weight ??? He’s a cutty isn’t he? ;) I intended the eyes to be lime green, but I accidentally used normal green, i’ll fix that error in future depictions of this character and probably make him look more cartoonier to! so that it is to adjust him more to my I.Z. and street art influence style, though I have more influences for my style that I can’t recall, but most likely coming from other cultures. :) But back on topic! this guy was stuck inside my head for a long time! I made him a super cool deity inside me mind, kicking ass! I do promise to make super cool depictions of him as such! Once I recall what I was thinking when I made him awesomer and hopefully use that as explanation or lore to how he got there! Maybe! :D I am going to shed some lore on him that I still have a bit of a grip on right now in fact! He’s a young lad who wishes to study abroad one day, his dad is a c-sec officer and his mother was a soldier for the turian military who is now working at the turian embassy, he’s a relatively shy and quite guy who's a bit of an introvert and likes to mind his own business and do his own things he’s a little bit of a geek but nice none the less! ;) He has a younger sister and a brother, all of which were which conceived via surrogacy, guess the "mother" didn’t wanted to give birth, but she did enjoyed the sex :/ Two of them coming from a different surrogate mother from the older brother due to traveling and the newer surrogate mother willing to take a second shot at it again, little do they know the surrogate mother for this kid and his younger sister had a bit of a dark secret in her lineage that is also passed on to them. 

one of there surrogate mothers ancestors was a really powerful god like being who was also a quote on quote demon, a really powerful extra-dimensional being who is the same species as sirrus! Yeah bet you didn’t knew about the stranger and more surreal lore i’v been coming up with, Beside to describe any of my god races as either a demon, deity, alien, or extra-dimensional being, or even a devil are all equally accurate as its based on the idea of far more advanced beings from other dimensions displaying the characteristics of these type of entities based on the perspectives of more primitive lifeforms from other dimensions, based on how powerful these more advanced lifeforms are and the more primitive lifeforms poor understanding of them. Its simply the idea that we would perceive them to either be one of these things, and that they are more likely to be nothing more than advanced races from other hyper advanced civilizations from other dimensions, thats kind of the idea, which is why all of those descriptions for them are all accurate because they might as well be then. Plus I made all my god races more powerful than the judeo christian god anyway (paradoxically), I don’t care if that bothers anyone, (besides art is meant to offend) it’s my freedom of creative expression after all, its based on the gods god argument and omnipotents paradox to some extent, and a lot of other secular, atheist, agnostic, deist, and anti-theist arguments which I decided to elaborate as inspiration for my lore. I won’t get anymore into detail about those more surreal and stranger bits of lore right now, as that will be going off topic. Maybe in the future perhaps. :P  

But back on topic again! ;) Yeah I bet you didn’t knew that sirrus and even the peahen goddess, which is the same species of deity as him BTW can also count as demons, even though there flying spaghetti monster level omnipotent (gods god level!) I guess it depends on what they do, how do they behave? kinda like the case with angels in abrahamic religions, or how other lesser beings perceive them, which there are more likely to be some basing there perception on fear or misunderstanding, fear of the unknown is a very powerful thing you know, ;) wouldn’t you if you were in those primitive lesser beings shoes? though keep on mind there not necessarily evil at all despite that, the idea partially influenced by the djinn on how there not necessarily good or evil unless they choose to be from arabian lore, and a concept still present in the Quran! :) though I guess Apparently one of them happened to be a rouge deity who's wanted and on the loose, then decided he was going to do a small experiment with a mortal female, apparently using a turian female as a surrogate mother some thousands of years ago, (guess what mythology that idea might have came from) which should explain why this turian kid isn’t at least demi-god like (even though technically he could probably count as one) maybe his abilities are mostly dormant probably do to heavily deluded heritage, he’s still a little bit stronger than the average turian though. besides he use to be very vicious and quite as a baby, and bit a lot to…. cause he’s technically a demon (sort of :/) maybe a demi one? its also part of the reason why he’s so unusual looking and pretty looking, in fact he’s so beautiful, that for what ever weird reason he was oddly mistaken for an asari, which made him cringe a couple of times XD, I know thats kinda bizarre, but felt like I wanted to throw that in. his lore is loosely based on the mazoku concept from japanese lore but mainly on its fictional usage (like in yu yu hokusho), who knows he probably has a quote on quote full demon form. and no again he isn’t evil, he’s to nice but eventually he’ll probably get rowdier soon! Once I get those future depictions of him soon! :) 

I just noticed i'v gotten better at drawing backgrounds, i'm slowly progressing!

Whelp I hope you all enjoy his lore. I also hope you fall in love with character also! I’ll have more lore of him in future drawings of this guy soon! And remember folks GOD FUCKING SPEED! See yah next time! ;)

You know i,m going to be jamin to this freaking awesome music until I start drawing some more stuff! Hopefully it gives the creative parts of my mind a very good kick in the can so that I can dish out some more drawing and hopefully overcome this art block that happens to me all the time! 
But yeah jet set radio FTW! :la::la::la:
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Always liviiiiid! And FEELING IT YEAH!!! :la: :la: :la:

Current Residence: Saudi Arab in the U and the S and the A Yo! For a really long time, like forever!
Favourite genre of music: Video game music! It gets me in the zone better!
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I'm also an egalitarian! A very confident one! :) I'm also non gynocentric, you kinda have be if your egalitarian. I'm looking at you SJW's!(because your not living up!>.<) It's because egalitarianism is about equal and fair treatment of the sex's, and everybody else, no preferential treatment! I pretty much hold women to the same standards as men, which also means, if they do something stupid! I would criticize them for it just like I would a man doing the exact same thing, or equally as stupid! Because I hold them to the same standards! Based on the merits and character!:) which is why I also favor meritocracy which is inherently egalitarian, because it doesn't matter who you are as long as you can do it! and your actions as an individual speak louder than anything else.(i'm looking at you women! and feminist and tradcons and SJW's, you don't seem to living up.)

I'm slowly showing my true colors! don't know! :/

I would like some gold now. :P

Not much else is to be known about me.

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