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Beck.exe/Netnavi beck by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Beck.exe/Netnavi beck
Completely colored version of everyones programable matter based cyborg in the form of turianoid netnavi AI! :)  Introducing Beck.exe! The netnavi with shape shifting and xel absorption powers! Originally an EM-being like entity from another galaxy altogether from a highly advanced race of godlike beings from a civilization billions of years older than this galaxy! Yeah before galaxies even formed! He comes from a godlike race of changelings! (similar to Oberon's children from gargoyles) of cybernetic sentient machine like creatures resembling Em-beings and magical creatures who's alien minds are based on AI instead of flesh! Some time ago while they were once organics they did devised a way to upload there conciseness into an AI Becoming like in essence spiritual machines/cyborgs and analogous to the virtual aliens, except they were also able to physically manifest them self into the real world with technologies resembling dimensional areas(like in the megaman nt warrior series) and holodecks which all required some form of claytronics(programmable matter) You know like xel nano-machines from mighty no.9! Until they started developing more technology that seem rather analogous to divinity or divination! :) And yes they even had a technology similar to cross fusion to! :) They have a lot of technologies far superior to any alien race imaginable! There literally like alien gods almost!.. Or like the omnipotent Q from startreck!... abunch of nigh - or omnipotent or reality manip capable aliens  Beck was one of them but he was sent to check out on the organics (The ones they call mortals) because of the whole debacle about the one name Prometheus (A protheonoid member of necks people) decided to share some of his peoples technology with the primitive meat mags we all call organics, or what they call mortals, which didn't set to well with the one they call, well oberon! and then beck must have decided to come in the presence of a young turian boy then decided to use amazing powers to create a P.E.T. like device from the turian boys omnitool and then occupied it and even disguises himself as a netnavi by simply shape shifting into one, a turianoid one! And now he's been that turian boys friend ever since. 

Well that All I decided to do for today drawing ! Sort of my little megaman battle network, mighty no.9 and mass effect crossover with my little twist to the EM-being and netnavi concept with it relating to an older nearly god like race instead ( especial the part with cross-fusion and Em-wave change, or something very similar to that! :P) A nice little cross over with my twist to it all! I hope you all enjoy the netnavi peacock turian like entity! I might even draw another version of him with his arm cannon The beck buster! (Analogous to the megabuster arm cannon) Considering that beck and mighty no.9 are/is a spiritual successor to megaman and the megaman series.

He toock me forever to complete :P Least to me anyway. I might have more of him soon. 
Spade the alien shadow goddess by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Spade the alien shadow goddess
This is the older version of this! Link!

  Spade updated version by SpaceRaptorPeacock

Yeap I remember making her while I was still in the 9th grade! She was originally just going to be an elf like alien, but now I say fuck it! She's instead going to be another one in part of my omnipotent god races, so I made her into a deity instead, but not just any other deity! An alien daemon goddess (because she kind'a does look a little demonic anyway) this is just an older version of her besides! It might wind up in the scraps soon after all! i'm already working on a rvamped version now, it'll be up very soon!

BTW! I didn't originally intend the name to be spade, but I was like fuck it! I'll just roll with it anyway, and decided to name her after the black spades cards in card games, like spider for example as it seem to fit with her overall dark or shadowy theme and vibe!
Spade updated version by SpaceRaptorPeacock
Spade updated version
Waring description may have a few triggers in it! :XD:

As I promised!the revamped version of spade! Link here for the older version!… Done completely digital, seems like i'm starting to get a hang of drawing digitally. I'm still trying to get accustomed to it little but little, and results so far seem to be very desirable at best!  Remember this daemon alien goddess I posted last time? Whelp she's back and better than ever! Actually now that I remember it, I think I actually made her since the game skyladers spyro's adventure was out! I remembered basing her on the drow elves from that series! And yes I did played that game before, apparently the 3ds version! But I digress! So yeah my second digital drawing, I think i'll do this more oftenly i'm starting to get a hang of it! 

Oh yeah! I almost forgot, a few details about the goddess with a rocking amazon women like body herself... I clearly tweaked her design a bit, gave her wider hips, bigger rounder sexier ass, and size DDDD cleavage! XD Still has tiny waste though, and made her look hotter, plus I reshaped the head and made her eyes more slanted so theres that! Though keep on mind she's very fit, probably a lot fitter than your average western female(especially in the u.s.) and yes I am intending to be a little provocative today (i don't actually care if that offends anyone either, heres a vid from TFM if you do get offended I hope it helps you:)… Also F#*k you! get a darwin award! Have a nice day hahaha!) 
Anyhow I gave her a more amazon woman like figure than last she's 6"8 which is really tall BTW plus 204 LB's of pure amazonian muscle and boobage! (keep on mind she's very fit!) infact thats all pure muscle plus her hight and the fact that her species of deities don't have the same sexually dimorphism as humans (in fact females in her species are larger and stronger (paradoxically) than the males) and they operate a bit differently from humans (because alien brains, there not hard wired like ours at all, even though hers is based on some kind of AI) so yeah the females are going to be a lot heavier than the males on average, thats just the way there sexually dimorphism is. so a few details about her and her specific god race, as far as design goes.

Oh yeah! Also I tried my best to put a decent albeit simple abstract background, based on from whatever was on my mind that I could think of, and oh yeah! I gave her a silver halo to signify that she's an no bullshit all powerful deity, instead of god one, albeit she is an omnipotent daemon goddess so there that, also gave her a glowy aura too!  so yeah! Also remember the peahen goddess? link here!… Looks like there another complimentary goddess around here! 

I hope everyone likes her around here! I didn't have much to describe about her let alone her back story there really wasn't much that I can think of anyway. 

I worked on this for 8 hours. I'll do this again some more times and might even consider setting up commissions.

You know i,m going to be jamin to this freaking awesome music until I start drawing some more stuff! Hopefully it gives the creative parts of my mind a very good kick in the can so that I can dish out some more drawing and hopefully overcome this art block that happens to me all the time! 
But yeah jet set radio FTW! :la::la::la:
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لا شيء عملك
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I like to have assholish fun so........

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YEAH!!! :la: :la: :la:

Current Residence: In a different dimension now! Also I'm a borg! :XD: (not really!)
Favourite genre of music: Video game music! It gets me in the zone better!
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I would like some gold now. :P

Not much else is to be known about me.

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